IT professional. Tutor. Author.

So, to start with the question that's on everybody's mind: is it Rob or Robert, and why?
Well, the short answer is that I prefer Robert, since it goes best with my new life; I am of Dutch origin, but live and work in France. But if the French pronunciation is a problem, I prefer Rob.

Except as an author, I also work as a Unix tutor. The two jobs reinforce one another.
Apart from that I am a traveller: I live in a caravan, and a few times per year I find myself another place to settle for a few months. I am lucky enough to do work that usually combines well with this lifestyle. This travelling is mostly done in France, a country where, thanks to it's size and situation, a vast amount of cultures and climates can be found, giving it a lot to discover. However, I will seriously consider any offers and invitations, in as well as outside of France.

Before I decided to go lead a travelling life, I was an IT freelance for about 15 years. I worked all jobs related to the internet: management of networks and systems, but also development of websites and software, analysis, consultancy, et cetera. Even though I never followed any formal education in this field, I managed to climb to an impressive level as a self-taught man, with a prominent, international clientele.
I am no longer interested in the execution of IT jobs for clients and customers (unless they are very challenging), but still very much so in internet and technology. This, combined with the fact that I do not want to let the knowledge and experience I gathered go to waste, is why I decided to organize and publish the information that is in my head.

Remarks, comments, constructive critisism and ideas for new publications are welcomed through the Contact page.